Biogas TV

GreeneTec Presents Biogas TV

Biogas TV is a YouTube channel that carries informative case studies of facilities constructed or operated by GreeneTec partners.

Each video describes a biogas production facility that is partnered with GreeneTec. In addition to describing the facility’s operation, the video also presents the benefits that accrue to facility owners, developers, and investors.

BioGas TV Episode 1

Idaho Dairy Farm Operation

GreeneTec facilitates partnership between a large Idaho dairy farm and Biogest, a global provider of biogas technology.

BioGas TV Episode 2

Webinar on RNG Project Output

How much BioGas will your RNG project make? Listen in on this discussion with industry experts from: GreeneTec LLC, NuOrganics, Anaergia, and CDM Smith.

BioGas TV Episode 3

Technology Review Membrane Gas Upgrading
Discussion with Kyle Plaster from DMT on membrane RNG gas upgrading technology