Comprehensive technical and investment consulting services that maximize the investment return on biogas facilities

GreeneTec offers a wide array of services designed to accomplish two important objectives:

  • Advisory: To provide expert technical and financial insight as well as personal connections and introductions to facilitate the formation of partnerships between developers, owners, and financiers that maximize the return on investment for all parties.
  • Consulting: To ensure the efficient, effective design, and construction of state-of-the-art biogas facilities according to industry best practices.
  • Project Delivery: Offering decades of experience in project design, engineering, cost estimating, finance, and construction oversight, GreeneTec offers expert counsel across the entire spectrum project delivery.

Advisory Services

Large, state-of-the-art biogas production facilities require specialized insight into the many technical aspects of design and construction. We specialize in bringing together partnerships between developers and financiers that ensure all parties bring the highest level of expertise, commitment, and integrity to the project.

Some of those advisory services include:

  • Project design and feasibility analysis
  • Investment strategy
  • Teaming arrangements
  • Business model review
  • Offtake partnering
  • Risk mitigation
  • Contracting and subcontracting strategy

Consulting Services

Dozens of highly complex technical factors will determine the successful design, construction, and operation of a leading-edge biogas production facility. Our consulting services are designed to ensure the facility will not only be designed and built according to industry best practices, but also that it will reflect the unique requirements processing the intended feedstock.

Among others, GreeneTec advisory services include:

  • Project design review
  • Project development strategy
  • Design-build strategy
  • Supplier contracting
  • Manufacturers’ digester recommendations for:
    • Agricultural waste
    • Food waste
    • High solids
  • Gas upgrading strategy for:
    • CO2 recovery
    • Organic fertilizer production
    • Digester treatment/pyrolysis


Project Delivery

As large capital-intensive projects increase in size and complexity, the level of design effort to reduce project execution risk also increases, as does the need for accuracy of valuations and cost estimates. The level of effort associated with emerging engineering deliverables needs to reflect your requirements for engagement, transparency, and risk tolerance. To serve these demands,

GreeneTec offers the insight and experience into every phase of project delivery, including:

Front-End Loading (FEL) Phase

  • Concept review
  • Feasibility study
  • Cost estimating
  • Detailed design


EPC Phase

  • Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Construction


Operation Phase

  • Start-up
  • Performance assessment